Quick Tips on How to Test Drive a Used Car

You must have known that test-drive is highly important in buying a used car. However, have you known how the best way to perform it? There are actually a lot of things that you need to ask yourself as you test drive your potential car. You need to remember that it is not only about discovering that the car feels alright. So, what to do?

Top 3 Tips to Test Drive a Used Car

So the time for you to test drive your potential car is coming. In this case, you need to use the time wisely so that you can be sure that the car you are testing is the right one that you are going to buy. In addition to that right feeling you got as you drive the car at, here are some other things to consider.

Test Drive a Used Car
Test Drive a Used Car

1.      Take Notes on Everything

You can consider creating a chart covering some major areas including steering feel, tires, interior wear, ride, noise, seat comfort, sound system, bodywork, brakes and any other thing you think important for you. Grade each item from A to F. You can make additional notes if the grade cannot explain the exact condition. It will be helpful to compare it with other choices you have.

2.      Take Your Time

You don’t need to be in rush. You can just take your time to get the most of your test drive. Professional test drivers usually drive for about 10 miles or more to evaluate a used car. If you are serious to buy the car, don’t make your seller pressure you for a short test. Consider trying some different routes too.

Test Drive a Used Car
Test Drive a Used Car

3.      Turn the Radio Off

If you have done checking the sound system, consider turning it off. You may need to turn off the heater fan or air-conditioner periodically as well. It will help you to hear unusual noises which may exist. It can be hard even for professionals, but try to separate normal noises to car problems. If you hear disturbing noise, attempt to change speeds or switch pavement.

These three tips are necessary for you to consider when you test drive a used car. In addition, you can also get another opinion from a professional tester if you are not sure about your own assessment. You can do it if you have finally found a nice candidate at a nice price too. The last, you can take a comprehensive inspection afterwards.