Here’s the Best Time to Buy a Used Car This Year

Whether you are buying a new car or a used car, timing is everything. By buying your car in the right time, there is high possibility that you will save more money on buying your preferred car. The cost of certain car is able to fluctuate regarding the month or even the day. Now the question is when is that best time to get one?

When Is the Best Time to Shop for a Car?

If you are purchasing your used car from a private seller who likes playing, there can be no good or bad time since private sellers are not likely to have certain targets to meet. However, when you are buying a used car in dealers, they have some targets to meet. That’s why there are some points when you can get cheaper or more expensive price.

Buy a Used Car
Buy a Used Car

·        Early in the Week

If your objective is to shop for the best deal, it is better to go to your dealer on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Shopping early in the week means less customer traffic which results a better opportunity to get the best deal. Monday tends to be the least busy day. You can consider coming on this day for a chance to better negotiation.

·        Late in the Year and Month

Throughout the year, October, November and December are considered as the best time for you to buy a car. Your car dealerships tend to have sales quotas that break down into annual, quarterly as well as monthly sales goals. All these goals start to come together especially late in the year. Considering this situation, your salesperson may provide you better deal at this time.

Buy a Used Car
Buy a Used Car

·        Holiday Sales

You must have ever seen or heard that holiday-themed commercials when car dealerships promoting customers to shop and save. More interestingly, the discounts on this special occasion tend to be higher than ever during the holiday sale. Under the right situation, some holidays including Memorial Day, New Year’s Eve and Black Friday are the best time for you to shop for a car.

Now, you have known when is the best time for you to shop for a car this year or the upcoming year. If you have the luxury of waiting, it is better for you to wait until the mentioned time above so that you have more chance to get the better deal. Finally, hope you find your best used car!