How To Save Your Compost Bin from Stinky Odor

Organic gardeners are familiar compost. It is an organic material that makes the soil more fertile. You can make compost from organic scraps in the kitchen. The problem is that the compost bin may stink after a few days. Do the tips below to reduce the bad smell from the compost bin.

Make the Compost Moist

One of the reasons why your compost bin stinks is because it is too wet inside. The high-quality of the compost is moist and not wet. So, how to make your compost humid and not wet to reduce the disgusting odor? Control the water in the bin. You don’t have to water the compost bin every day, although water has a crucial role in the composting process. Keep the box away from the rain because it makes your compost bin like a rain barrel. You will smell something disgusting the next day. The best way is by placing a compost bag in a place where it gets enough sunlight.

How To Save Your Compost Bin from Stinky Odor
How To Save Your Compost Bin from Stinky Odor

Control the Composition 

The composition that you put on the compost bin can be the cause of the stinky smell. Commonly, the odor comes from the decomposing of green materials or fresh organic scraps. That’s why it is crucial to control the composition of the compost bag. The best solution to this condition is by adding more brown material to the bin. The standard ratio for a perfect compost is three parts of the green component and 1 part of the brown materials.

Use Layering Method 

Layering is one of the best methods you can apply while making compost. Put the brown materials on the bottom of the compost bin. Then, add some green materials there and cover it up with more brown materials. Do it all over again until the compost bin is full. The best key to reduce the bad smell is covering the bin with brown materials each time you add kitchen scraps or green materials.

Turning the Compost

Another easy trick to reduce the bad odor from the compost bin is by turning the materials inside it. Water is not the only crucial component in the composting process but also oxygen. Oxygen also speeds up the decomposing process, so you can harvest compost fast. Turning the materials is the simplest way to let oxygen come into the compost bin. At the same time, it reduces the smell from the compost bin.

How To Save Your Compost Bin from Stinky Odor
How To Save Your Compost Bin from Stinky Odor

Classify the Materials

Make sure that you only throw fresh organic materials into the bin, such as fruits, vegetables, and grass clipping. Don’t add meat, dairy products, oil, and fat to the bin. These materials produce a bad odor when they decompose. It is also the reason why there are maggots inside the compost bin.

So, composting is a good activity not only to produce natural fertilizer but also to keep the environment clean. The bad smell can ruin everything and it even disturbs your neighbors. Try the simple tips above, so you can enjoy the process and harvest high-quality compost at home.