3 Reasons Why You Buy a Used Car More Than a New Car

3 Reasons Why You Buy a Used Car More Than a New Car. When you want to buy a car, you will surely be faced with 2 choices. Namely choosing to buy a new car or instead buying used car. Both are good choices that you can choose one of them in certain conditions. Like for example, if you want a car that is still smooth and hasn’t been used at all, then buy a new car. But, if you want a lower price, then you can choose a used car.

Even though buying a new car is a better choice, it doesn’t hurt to buying used car for sale. Several things are owned by used cars so choosing a used car is highly recommended rather than buying a new car. The following are some of the reasons.

Lower price

3 Reasons Why You Buy
3 Reasons Why You Buy

As mentioned before, used cars have a much lower price than new cars. This is because it is indeed the nature of an item if it has been used it will experience a depreciation of the sale value. Also, used cars certainly have imperfect conditions such as used cars.

This is what makes it a much cheaper item than the new model. By utilizing this, you can also get a car by spending a lot of money.

Price depreciation occurred

3 Reasons Why You Buy
3 Reasons Why You Buy

This also makes why the price of used car fell after being bought and used. You need to know, usually, every used car sold for 5 years after purchase will experience a price depreciation of 15% to 25%. This can even happen in the first year, depending on the conditions of the used car, of course.

Therefore, if you find a used car that is not yet 5 years old, you can also consider this so you can get it at a cheap price and also the output model that is still a trend at that time.

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Good quality at low prices

3 Reasons Why You Buy
3 Reasons Why You Buy

If you are good at finding a used car, then there is a big chance and possibility that you will find a used car with good condition at a low price. To be able to find this, the main thing you can do before buying used car is to know the age and also the mileage of the car.

Used cars that can still be said to be good and decent are 5 years of age. The younger the age when sold, the better the condition and performance it has. If it turns out the age of the car is more than 5 years, you should look for other used cars. But the story is different if you are looking for used cars that are considered as antique cars or other famous models.

Then find out the distance traveled by car. The further distance traveled, it can be guessed if the condition and performance of the car are certainly not as good as before. But, it all depends on the care done by the previous user. If he carries out good care, it might not be possible for the condition and performance of the car to still be good, even if it has traveled a long distance. Ideally, it is 200,000 km. But if the maintenance is good, it can be up to 600,000 km to 900,000 km.